Exhaust Fitting in Exeter

We can check your exhaust for faults and replace anything from a simple rear silencer to a complete new system.

Our fully trained mechanics know what they are doing and will advise you of the best course of action if you need your exhaust system looking at.

We have full gas analysis equipment to check your catalytic converter is operating correctly as well, checking your exhaust system for damage and leaks.

Diesel vehicles are often equipped with a DPF (diesel particulate filter) which filters out harmful particles from the exhaust gases. This has an automated procedure for cleaning itself which should happen without your intervention. Sometimes this fails to work correctly, leaving you with a blocked filter. It is really important to react promptly to any warning lamps or messages your car may give you and let us manually clean the filter or advise you on any faults that may be causing an issue.

For further advice, do get in touch.