About Us

The Steve Clarke story began way back in 1992. I started my career working for a small car sales and service garage on the outskirts of Exeter, learning the ropes of sales and service. The company was a family run outfit selling good quality cars and providing good service as many small independents often do.

With an ill fitting suit, girly long hair, and plenty of enthusiasm I began selling cars and looking after workshop bookings. This gave me experience that would come in very handy in the future. My duties then branched into car buying where I spent many hours and drove many miles in search of the best bacon roll in the UK, managing to buy more than a few good cars along the way.

After almost ten years of learning I wanted to bring a little of my own character to the way I provided customer service and a new car sales company was started under the banner of Steve Clarke - the used car specialist.

This site began life many years ago as a fuel station and has been purely car sales since 1996. We moved in on New Years Day 2003 and have managed to almost double the number of cars sold per year. Nowadays you will struggle to drive around Exeter without seeing one of our stickers in a car rear window at least once on your journey!

A few short years later, in 2006, Water Lane Garage, our car and van servicing operation, was opened to complement the car sales with the kind of quality workmanship required to make Steve Clarke a company you would recommend to your friend or work colleague. Located next to the historic Quay area of the City, it is able to offer an excellent position for a spot of shopping while you wait or a stroll around the antique shops and other attractions. If you can’t wait for your car to be serviced, we provide courtesy cars for fast turn around and minimal time wasting, then return your car serviced, washed, vacuumed, and ready to go.

In more recent times we have added commercial vehicle sales, budget car sales, revamped and improved the workshop facilities and rebranded all of the businesses under the banner of Steve Clarke Garages.

Our motto of ‘Affordable excellence every time’ flows though all channels of the business and our aim is to simplify our processes and bowl you over with our excellent customer service. If you feel we have failed with this then we ask you to let us know so we may put it right. If you have been wowed by our service you may wish to let others know by leaving a review on this website.

Car sales and car servicing are both in Exeter although at seperate locations. Car sales in Pinhoe Road, Exeter, Devon and Car servicing at our service garage on Water Lane, Exeter, Devon.

I would like to introduce to you some of our key staff to help you put a face to the voice on the other end of the phone!

Company Director

Pinhoe Road, Exeter

Steve Clarke - steve@steveclarkegarages.co.uk

Vehicle Sales

Pinhoe Road, Exeter

Spence Hitchcock - sales@steveclarkegarages.co.uk

Sales Assistant

Pinhoe Road, Exeter

Sophie Carpenter - sales@steveclarkegarages.co.uk

Service Manager

Water Lane, Exeter

Andy Underhill - service@steveclarkegarages.co.uk


Water Lane, Exeter

Simon Glover - service@steveclarkegarages.co.uk


Water Lane, Exeter

Stefan Hammett - service@steveclarkegarages.co.uk

Apprentice Technician

Water Lane, Exeter

Josiah Clarke - service@steveclarkegarages.co.uk

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