Ralph Coulson - Used car sales

Visited Steve Clarke Garages to view a Mercedes Benz SLK. We found Spence open, honest and respectful. The car was in very good condition and detailed accurately on the service/inspection sheet. I would say it is 'perfect', but I'm a potential buyer! Spence took me for a reasonable test drive where I was given the opportunity to drive the car, which performed perfectly. However, with regret, I didn't buy the car simply because it was an automatic which didn't suit my style of driving. I'm pleased to say Spence and I had a very good conversation and he fully understood my position. I highly recommend Steve Clarke Garages to anyone looking for good quality cars and service. If Spence comes up with a car to my requirements, I will be happy to return - without hesitation. From someone who didn't buy a car, but received exceptional customer service.